Heaven on Earth | $109

Customized facial designed to treat your specific skin type, needs and conditions. Be pampered by experience an intensive cleansing, exfoliation (mechanical, enzyme, or AHA), concentrate or serum if required. Includes shoulder, neck, décolletage and face massage followed by a specific treatment mask, eye cream and a day or night treatment cream.

3 treatments:
$297 | $99 p/facial

Flake- off Beautiful | $109

Walk out with a beautiful skin. A wide range of corrective cosmeceutical powerful peels to suit all individual skin needs, from rough, dull, sun damage ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion and oily problem skin. Absolutely great results when you used in conjuction with a prescribed homecare regime. Includes a skin consultation, double cleanse, skin specific-peel, treatment mask, serums + moisturiser + SPF.

3 treatments:
$297 | $99 p/facial

Bright Light Therapy | $109

Light therapy can help to treat a wide number of skin conditions, increase microcirculation, cell activity, skin hydration, collagen & elastin synthesis, tissue repair, soothes, purify. even out skin tone, and control excessive oil flow. Includes a skin consultation, double cleanse, exfoliation + light therapy + treatment mask, moisturiser + SPF.

3 treatments:
$297 | $99 p/facial

Clear my Skin | $109

heeeeellloooo clear my skin!
This treatment targets the core of breakouts to kill and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Using high frequency your pores will be cleared, zit-zap, while super calming serums and healing oxygen repair damaged skin. Includes double cleanse, skin specific enzyme peel+ extractions + high frequency + clarify mask + moisturiser and SPF

Best suited to skin types: Acne, oily, problem skin
3 treatments:
$417 | $139 p/facial

Hydro-dermabrasion | $109

Enjoy the benefit of an exciting new technology that conbines the efficiency and efficacy of conventional micro-dermabrasion with a new twist that now includes a product penetration and absorption of active ingredients plus helps with the apperance and texture of the skin. An advanced form of exfolation!. Can help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation (dark patches of skin age spots).   A reguvenating treatment for one-off special events such as weddings.

Includes a skin consultation, double cleanse, Hydro-dermabrasion, treatment mask, moisturiser + SPF

3 treatments:
$297 | $99 p/facial

+ ADD ON’S | $40

Add an additional modality to any facial for better results such as Galvanic, High Frequency, Microcurrent, Light Therapy, Hydro-dermabrasion, your therapist will advise which modality is most suitable for your skin type and condition.


Chilled Eye-Masque | $30
For lightening dark circles, reducing puffiness and soothing the delicate eye area. Add on to any facial and pay only $15

Luxe Eyelash tint | $25
includes hands or neck/scalp massage

Luxe Eyebrow tint | $20